bharatbala productions (bbp) is a production house that makes feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. bbp has been widely acclaimed for its production caliber and unique treatment of subject matter, and has won a host of awards, locally and internationally.

After making more than 500 TV commercials for both Indian and international brands, bbp expanded its scope of activities to include feature films and other projects driven by in house developed concepts. The most well known of these projects are the Vande Mataram & Jana Gana Mana films. The Vande Mataram film was the finalist at prestigious festivals like Cannes and New York Film Festival.



Simple emotions and big canvasses mark the working style of this Chennai born man who has a fresh outlook to filmmaking. A person who breathes life into his visuals through real places and people, Bharatbala tells Indian stories with a universal sensibility to a world audience. Having grown up on a diet of international cinema, Bharatbala is deeply influenced by works of David Lean, David Lynch and Bimal Roy. Like Brazilian director Water Salles and Chinese director Zhang Yi Mou, who have brought stories from their countries into the world cinema space, Bharatbala too is passionate about showcasing stories from India to an international audience.

Kanika Myer

Kanika Myer has had an illustrious career as a Film Director and Editor. Over a period of time she has edited and directed many award winning films and special projects. Apart from having directed and edited around 150 TV commercials for brands like Nestle India Limited, Pepsi, Hitachi and many more, Kanika has been associated with many high profile projects in various capacities.